Global Position Anchor Stabilizer

We can't stop the waves... We tame them!


GPAS: (Pronounced: G-PASS)


Definition: Global Position Anchor Stabilizer


Primary Purpose:

Stabilize the anchor, maintaining its set position, by absorbing the wave forces, up to 75% wave force reduction.


Secondary Purpose:

Boat Stabilizer, GPAS not only stabilizes the anchor but maintains the boat to water surface tension, allowing the boat to ride the wave up and down, preventing the boat from being lifted and dropped. The boat becomes more comfortable for the occupants and more importantly, it becomes safer for the occupants.


Additional Benefit:

One seldom thought of, but most important in the long run, is the prevention of anchor drag. Dragging the anchor across the lake or river bottoms creates a furrow row disturbing the bottom, which in turn adds to erosion and reduced water clarity. It tears up the weed beds, fish beds, clam beds, sand bars, reefs and many other fish and bait fish habitat. Eliminating anchor drag will help to maintain, even improve your favorite fishing hole for your years and generations to follow.